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The idea behind pegboard systems-writing several forms at once by use of a holding device-dates back at least 80 years, judging from U.S. patent awards. Three representative examples will suffice.

A POSTING DEVICE invented by Henry C. Waters of Boston was awarded patent 1,187,685 in 1916.  Looking like today's familiar clipboard, it provided for an original sheet, a carbon sheet and five cardboards onto which data could be copied.  Information was entered on every fifth line of the original, then the first cardboard was removed and used for posting those particular entries.  Subsequent entries were made on lines previously skipped and the appropriate cardboard was removed to record that data.

AN ACCOUNTING BOARD invented by Jesse M. Jones of North Hollywood, Calif., and assigned to Charles R. Hadley Co., of Los Angeles, was awarded patent 2,524,128 in 1950.  It featured sliding rails with pegs upon which punched forms could be laid.

A MANIFOLDING APPARATUS invented by Fritz Schaber of Stuttgard, Germany, was given patent 1,602,285 in 1926. Designed to accommodate all kinds of forms, even those without holes, it consisted of a writing board on which forms were held in place with a screwdown clamping bar.

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